We want you to love Bear Butt products just as much as we do, which is why we’re giving you the chance to test our products for 5 days completely free. We’ll even ship your product to you totally free. Once you’ve received the product, you’ll have 5 days to test it out—take it climbing, skiing, camping, or even jump in a lake with it. Whatever you need to do to make sure our product fit your adventuring needs. After the five days are up, we’ll automatically charge your credit card and the product is yours to keep.

On the off chance you decide our products aren’t for you—which we’re pretty sure won’t happen—you can send us back your product totally free. As long as it’s in that 5 day window. Once you decide you want to return a product, you’ll have 12 days to send it back to us for free. When those 12 days are up, we’ll charge your credit card for shipping.

Questions? Send us a text or chat with a Bear Butt team member now.





On the slim chance you don’t love our Bear Butt products, you can send it back to us totally free for a full refund or exchange. We’ll even take care of the shipping for you by giving you a free shipping label. No matter the reason for your refund or exchange, we’ll take care of it for you.




No matter what product you have, any repair you need done, we’ll take care of it—totally free. Here’s how it works. Send us a text—or an email—and let us know you need a repair done. We’ll send you a free shipping label so you can send in your product for repair. We’ll get your product freshened up and sent back to you within 7 days of receival. On the off chance that we can’t fix your product, we’ll send you a brand new item or give you a full refund.

Questions? Send us a text or call us at 801 788 4954. Or you can chat with us below.



As a member of the outdoor community we at Bear Butt are highly aware of the impact we have on the environment and the influence we have on consumers. So as we began manufacturing USA made products we wanted to make sure we were having a positive impact and using our influence for good. That’s why we created the Bear Butt Reuse Policy. This policy clearly shows how we effectively reuse as much product as possible in order to keep the environment clean of waste and the outdoors accessible for everyone. We are committed to being socially aware and helping others be good stewards of the great outdoors.





We know your inbox is crazy. Ours was too. We’re going stop trying to reach you via email and go straight into your text messages. Text us any time and we’ll get right back to you! Still like getting emails? You’d probably like chatting with us on the phone then—give us a call and we’d be happy to help you out.

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